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An action plan is a plan that can help you manage tasks with the OKR goal setting method and do them in the best possible way. OKR is a kind of precision tool planning system that can help you achieve your goals.

You must first set your main goal and set a time frame for it. Then you have to divide the activities into smaller sections and set a time period for each of them. Note that each of your tasks can include job reporting, progress percentage, and evaluation. If you have reached 100% progress, its value will be considered for you. Finally, the percentage of total goal achievement and valuation will be calculated for you.

What is an Action Plan?

In Persian Remand project management software or in other word, action plan software, you can implement the ability to plan goals in the best possible way. In the following, we will explain this goal setting to you with an example.

What is an Action Plan?
What is an Action Plan?

first step

Note that in this step of scheduling, your main goal and time period should be fixed.

Second step

In the second step you have to record your activities. At this stage, you should do your own activities and consider evaluating each activity. In addition, you must add the time interval you need to perform the activity in the action plan software for PC. After you register your activity, your system will receive an alarm to start a new activity. At any time you can add new activity or delete existing activities or edit them.

Third step

Once your activities have started, you can write a work report for them. As a user, in addition to the report text, you can attach work report files.

You can set a follow-up date for the written report so that the software can remind you when it is specified.

The full list of registered reports will be displayed to you on the Task Manager page as shown below. The user can determine the percentage of progress of his activity. Other action plan users can also comment on his reports or talk about the activity.

action plan for any purpose
action plan for any purpose

After the specified time expires, the user will not be able to make changes to the report and the activity will be closed completely.

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Features of action plan for any purpose

  • Edit action plan: You can change the responsible user or target time periods and make yourself taller or shorter.
  • Project Officer Report: The targeting officer in this section can record the overall targeting work report.
  • View logs: You can view the list of future reports of users and print them if needed.
  • Upcoming User Reports: Upcoming user reports that they have specified in the next follow-up section are displayed in this section.
  • Performance of all users: As shown in the image below, the overall performance of users in the action plan is fully visible.
action plan
action plan

The final step

At this stage, the percentage of progress of the total goal and also its evaluation is done during the registration of activities and user reports in full. If the percentage of progress is one hundred percent, it is considered valuation.

On the left side of this section, the remaining time of the action plan is also displayed as a reverse timer.

Print action plan:

You can print a summary of the action plan targeting status at any time.

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