Daily work reminder software “One Reminder

Daily work reminder software

Without a doubt, we all have a series of daily tasks like passing checks, calling with customers at a specific time, appointments, birthdays of familiar persons, payment of installments and so on. That we need to remember them all or keep them in a notebook. Without worrying about forgetting reminders and important events by installing daily work reminder software “One Remind” in your home or work.

of daily works reminder software “One Reminder”

Daily reminders is one of the important capabilities of “One Reminder” software that allows system, which is part of One Remind scheduling facilities, reminders will alert you at a certain hour and time.
Features you to register them on the Persian calendar. Reminders are displayed on the user’s system at a specified time by an alarm. If your system is off in the time of reminders, you can see them later with your entrance to the Windows-like below picture.

Daily work reminder software
Daily work reminder software

This message is shown in the right corner of the monitor that the reminder list is visible by clicking on it.

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Daily reminders:

You can create various categories such as (appointments, due dates, birth, customers and so on) for reminders. You can record and observe the reminders in two modes, on the calendar and in the list mode, that we have put the pictures of this section and their descriptions in the following.

Displaying the reminders on Persian calendar:

In this part of the Persian daily tasks reminder software for PC, reminders are displayed on the solar and Persian calendars. In this state, the registered reminders of the current month are visible on the calendar. By clicking on each day you can see the details of the current day reminders.

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By double-clicking on each day you will enter the details section of that day. Like the image below, you can record reminders in repetitive intervals once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and in full detail and write a report for them.

Daily work reminder software
Daily work reminder software

In the daily work reminder software “One Reminder”, different colors have been used to determine the type of reminders, with which you can distinguish their repeat mode from the color scheme type of the reminders.

You can see the exact time of future reminders or the elapsed time of each reminder as shown below.

Display reminders in list mode

The list mode from Daily work reminder software “One Reminder” Provides more features to the user. Like the image below in the right panel you can choose how to repeat reminders.

Daily work reminder software
Daily work reminder software

List of reminders in the daily reminders recording software

In the Daily work reminder software in list mode, you can observe reminders at arbitrary periods of time. You can also observe their done report and search between reminders and print them if needed. If the system is off at the time of displaying a reminder, the reminder will show again when windows starts.
Each reminder is displayed at the specified time by a notification in the right corner of the monitor which can be postponed or write it’s report.

Displaying reminders

In the panel of daily work reminder software, today’s tasks are displayed as shown below and a summary of current reminders.

Before installing the software, if Kaspersky Anti-Virus is installed on your system, it is necessary to temporarily disable this software until the end of the installation. For running the software properly, you also need to install the following softwares on your system.

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