Due to daily issues and work and personal life, humans do not have the opportunity to review what happened after a few months. But by writing down daily events in a diary on a daily or weekly basis with photos and recordings of each diary, they can access what happened during their lifetime and at any age, even as they age and with Alzheimer’s.

Some of us do not like to show the memories we have written to others and others have access to these memories and since we can not leave all our memories in our memory we are forced to record them on a piece of paper. But the important thing is that these tabs are easily destroyed over time. The good news is that today with the Diary program installed on your computer or phone, you can easily save your memories with photos, videos, audio, and text and put a password on them and they Lock.

Introducing the best diary recording software

If you search the Internet to download a diary, it will show you a large number of programs, each of which has a special diary writing software that can meet your needs. Some of these programs are installed on the phone and a few on the computer and Windows operating system, most of which are in English and do not support Persian. But the diary app One Remind Which is installed on the computer and its language is Persian and also supports the solar calendar has met the needs of most Persian language users. In the following, we will get more acquainted with the features of this diary recording program.

Features of the One Remind diary app

In the initial implementation of One Remind diary software, there is no feature called memo writing and instead, there is report writing. You can change it with a simple edit. After registering the activation code, enter the user interface menu from the user facilities menu and then the software settings and change the title. By default, the title of this menu is Reports. You can change it to your liking, including projects, diaries, notes, and more.

Create new memories in Diary software

You can save your memories and content along with videos and photos. There is no limit to the number of photos, videos, and files in a memory and report. You can create categories for your memories and record them in different groups.

review memories

 The list of registered groups, the diary program are in the right panel. By clicking on each group, its table of contents will be displayed. There are 20 articles on each page and the rest will be on the next pages. Clicking on your content will take you to the next pages. Find your memories by search by date, time, title, and subject. Double-clicking on the photo or video will display that file.

Group memories

In this part of the program diary for Windows, you can add a new group to group your memories, and select the group you want when writing and recording memories. These groupings will be added in the diary review section and you can categorize your memories more easily.

In the Diary app settings, you can specify whether diaries, reports have pagination, or display all content on a single page without pagination. You can download the daily work planning and management software through the following link.

List of features of One Remind computer diary program:

  • Record new memories
  • Add video to memory
  • Add pictures to memories
  • Add file types
  • Edit written memories
  • View the list of written memories
  • Grouping and categorizing memories
  • Delete written memories
  • Ability to search
  • Ability to lock and encrypt the diary app

Use the following link to download One Remind software. You can download the software and contact support if you need help.