Phonebook Software

One Remind phone book software is a very valuable system for all businesses and companies. Because it is one of the most basic and important parts of any kind of business and the process of communicating with the audience. One Remind advanced and smart phonebook application with the ability to group contacts, record the types and types of required items such as phone, address, email address, and social networks and create a strong database of contacts in your collection and have a search Dynamic and intelligent can easily search for contacts based on the parameters you need. Also, due to the ability to use under the network, One Remind network phone book software can be very useful for companies and institutions.

Phonebook software features for Windows One Remind


In the following, we will acquaint you with the features of the phonebook software for One Remind computer and how it works.


Register and manage phone numbers

To record groupings in the phonebook software, right-click on the space to display the grouping menu. You can register the list of phone numbers as shown below.


The following features are available to the user to manage phone numbers, which are:

  • Save in Excel format: You can save the search result or list of numbers in Excel file format.
  • Print numbers: You can print the list of numbers. You can print search results, numbers of a group or subgroup.
  • Importing contacts from Excel: If the list of numbers is in the Excel file and you want to transfer them to the software, this feature is easily possible. Just select the Excel file of your contacts to add phone numbers to the software.


Search between phone numbers

Like the image below, there are three ways you can search your digital phonebook and find your contacts.

You can print the search results or save them in Excel software format. In the new feature, you can change the type of phone number registration software fields according to your needs. If you change the title of the fields, the phonebook information and prints, and the output of the Excel file will be done with the new changes of the user.

List of essential telephone numbers

In this part of One Remind computer phonebook software, you can see the list of necessary contact numbers and use them.

Prefix list of all countries

In this part of One Remind smartphone book software, you have access to the prefix list of all countries and you can easily find and use the prefix you want.

Features of One Remind phonebook software

  1. Record complete telephone number information
  2. Input and output of data through Excel file
  3. Print phonebook contact number list
  4. Ability to group and create subgroups for numbers
  5. Ability to search between groups and subgroups and print search results
  6. Ability to record photos for numbers and contacts
  7. Rename Phonebook Fields
  8. Usability in Windows 10, 8, 7 
  9. Ability to set a password to prevent unauthorized access
  10. Ability to record an infinite number of contacts in the phonebook
  11. Ability to define a group of customers or individuals
  12. Ability to define categories 
  13. Ability to record personal, educational, work information
  14. Ability to output
  15. And…

To download One Remind software, of which you are a part, you can download it and install it on your computer via the link below. All the necessary things to run the phone book software for One Remind computer are placed on this page and the necessary training is provided to you.