Notebook software and diary For PC

Notebook software and diary

Of course, we all have a history of writing in paper notebooks, but through time we have lost part of the information in it for whatever reason. But today, with the advent of technology, we have additional possibilities, and we may record all our vital points and useful everyday information in the notebook software. In the following, we will introduce the OneRemind notebook software and its capabilities.

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Features of the OneRemind notebook software

Create and edit notes

You can make different notes with the Notebook program. Each notebook can include an endless number of separate groups and subgroups.

Notebook software and diary
Notebook software and diary

Using this section of the digital notebook, you can create new notebooks, edit current ones, and remove old ones. The names of each notebook are displayed on the main page of the note sheet, and by double-clicking on the names of each notebook, you will be able to add the notes for that notebook. You can look through all of the notebooks’ notes in the search box to find something specific.

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Management of Notes

To access the notes management section, double-click on each notebook, as seen in the screenshot below. The notes for each category can be accessed by selecting them from the drop-down menu.

Sort your notes into categories

To create or update categories, use the right-click menu on the categories list. When you click on it, a menu will appear, as shown below.

Notebook software and diary
Notebook software and diary

By selecting edit or delete a category, you will be able to change or completely remove the category you selected. When you click on Add New Note, a new blank note will be created. Automatically storing the postings is accomplished by typing and putting information into that area.

The following are the characteristics of each note:

  • The Printing Notes option opens a box that saves the current note as a Word document that you can print after choosing the appropriate font in your browser.
  • Notes saving: This function saves the current note.
  • Deletes the current note that is being worked on.
  • Save as Word document: This option saves the current note as a Word document.
  • Text can be added to the remark by pasting it into a Word document.

Calendar Daily Notes (based on the Iranian calendar) (Persian Calendar)

The section for daily notes is different from the section for notebooks. You can make a note for each day of the week. To do so, click on the calendar to the right of the selected day if it indicates a note you have previously created, or you can create a new note by clicking on the calendar to the right of the selected day.

Notebook software and diary
Notebook software and diary

This section, in contrast to the notes section, does not have a category. You can change the calendar date by clicking on the month and year buttons. Every day of the year, according to the country’s official calendar, there are occasions and holidays to celebrate.

Using the search section, you can locate the necessary notes among the previously recorded notes, which are not limited to a specific date range, and save them all together in Word file format. Also available in Word format is the ability to store daily notes.

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