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Having a notebook helps you stay avoid confusion and distractions. OneRemind software has a great notebook that enables you to change your habits and be more creative. With this notebook app, you can categorize, save, print and search your notes.

Of course, we all have a memory of writing on paper notebooks, but through time we have lost part of the information in it for whatever reason.


But today, with the advent of technology, we have additional possibilities, and we may record all our vital points and useful everyday information in the free notebook software.


In the following, we will introduce the OneRemind notebook app and its capabilities.


Features of the OneRemind notebook software

Create and edit notes

You can make different notes with the Notebook app. Each notebook can include an endless number of separate groups and subgroups.


By using this section of the digital notebook, you can create new notebooks, edit current ones, and remove old ones. The names of each notebook are displayed on the main page of the note sheet, and by double-clicking on the names of each notebook, you will be able to add the notes for that notebook. You can look through all of the notebooks’ notes in the search box to find something specific.



Notebook software and diary For PC
Notebook software For PC


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Management of Notes

To access the notes management section, double-click on each notebook, as seen in the screenshot below. The notes for each category can be accessed by selecting them from the drop-down menu.



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Sort your notes into categories


To create or update categories, use the right-click menu on the categories list. When you click on it, a menu will appear, as shown below.



By selecting edit or delete a category, you will be able to change or completely remove the category you selected.


 When you click on Add New Note, a new blank note will be created. Automatically storing the postings is accomplished by typing and putting information into that area.



Notebook software and diary For PC
Notebook software For PC


The following are the characteristics of each note:

  • The Printing Notes option: opens a box that saves the current note as a Word document that you can print after choosing the appropriate font in your browser.
  • Notes saving: saves the current note.
  • Delete option: deletes the current note that is being worked on.
  • Save as Word document: saves the current note as a Word document.
  • Adding text: text can be added to the remark by pasting it into a Word document.


Notebook for Windows is a note-taking application that lets you take notes, create checklists, add files, sketches, record audio, and capture moments. But we recommend OneRemind which is the best reminder app for windows. This desktop reminder includes a different part that helps you to remember your tasks. One of these parts is the notebook where you can your daily notes.

Note-taking is a pretty personal thing so it is better to write your notes in your personal app. OneRemind desktop reminder app with a notebook section is designed for you to write your personal notes.

Yes, OneRemind is the best reminder app for Windows that has notebook section to write your notes.

There are a lot of digital notebook apps on the internet but we recommend OneRemind, because this reminder app for windows 10 brings you more possibilities like writing your targets, reports, and plans and reminds you to do these tasks at a specific time

Every pc has a Notepad app but it’s not so useful as a designed app like a reminder app. Reminders app for Windows like OneRemind lets you not only keep track of your notes but also reminds you of the time of doing a specific task.

With OneRemind desktop app, you have a notes app for your pc. In addition, you can copy or print your notes with this reminder app for windows.

With a notebook, you can write your daily diary and write down the tasks or notes that are necessary and you need to remind. OneRemind app for windows makes the work easy for you and reminds you of the tasks that you need to do at a special time by a popup window.

notebook app is like the old notebooks where we write our diary, the phone numbers, the date of birthday and everything that we may need in the future. But now, with the progress of technology notebook apps replaced old notebooks that make life easier. Today, developers designed the best applications for windows like Oneremind that are more than a notebook, and have more features such as writing goals, reminders, and so on.

We recommend the OneRemind reminder app such as a notebook for windows because it is more than a notebook and has more great features.

You can find the notebook with the ability to copy and print in the OneRemind desktop app.

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