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OneRemind app isn't just a reminder

The Best Reminder App For Windows​


By using OneRemind, you don’t need to set an alarm to remember your tasks anymore. The Reminder part of OneRemind informs you of whatever you are going to do. This part will give you an opportunity to remember all your tasks at the exact moment and do them regularly.

To Do

By using OneRemind, you won’t be worried about your tasks, which are important and you might forget them. You don't need to think about your to-do list that you are going to do. You just set an exact time for your tasks and follow your plans. The To do part of OneRemind reminds you of all tasks one by one and regularly.

Important Events

If you are an organized person, OneRemind is the best choice for you. The "Important events" part of OneRemind makes you able to record all your official and personal events such as taking place at a conference, going on a working trip, having an appointment with a customer, visiting your professor, doing research, and so on. So you will be ready to organize all the important events that are going to happen in your life.

Targeting (goal tracking)

Reach all your goals step by step. Targeting part of OneRemind is just like a mind map that pictures all your goals and the processes to achieve them. By using the "targeting part," first determine your goals; secondly, define all processes; third, set a period of time for each one, and finally, try to do the processes one by one. In the end, enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Personal calendar

Personal Calendar is used to record all personal events with their dates, such as the date of birth, date of examination, wedding anniversary, visiting a doctor, having an appointment with a friend, and so on. Therefore, in the Personal Calendar section, you can record the dates of all your personal events that are important for you.


Enjoy an organized life by Planning. In this part, you can have several different types of plans, such as daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan, etc. In addition, the "Planning part" will give you an opportunity to determine the processes for doing each of the plans.


With the reporting part of OneRemind software, you can provide weekly, daily, common, and company reports. By using the Oneremind app, you will always be the fastest person for your company.

Daily Note

The daily notes section of OneRemind is so useful because it allows you to plan every day very quickly and review your plans in the blink of an eye.


It’s believed that contacts are an important part of our lives. "Contacts" part of the OneRemind app makes you able to record all the information about your contacts and keep in touch with them whenever you want.


This part acts as a usual calendar and shows you the days of the year to schedule your work and life based on.


This section acts like an accountant and records and manages all your personal business affairs easily and will be activated in the near future.


In the notebook section, you can write down any tasks, activities, notes, and anything else that you think is necessary to change habits and your life.

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OneRemind time management software

OneRemind is a daily task management software that offers more than 10 apps in one and allows you to record and track your personal and work information. Apps such as the Personal Calendar, Reminder, Important Events, Notebook, To-Do List, and other apps are available in this application. The app is software for personal planning and recording of daily tasks, that is designed for the desktop.

Simple and Fast

Are you looking for simple and fast software? We recommend you try OneRemind as a simple and fast application. It has a simple design, so you don't need to gain considerable knowledge to use it. OneRemind is user-friendly, so it would be to everybody's delight. OneRemind is not only simple, but it is absolutely fast. You can open the app and make your desired plan in the minimum amount of time. By using the app, your time will never be wasted.

Oneremind reminds you of whatever you have made a plan for before

It’s considered that sometimes we forget to do our tasks, which are really important. OneRemind will give you an opportunity to record all your tasks, set priorities, and do them at exactly the right time. Be sure you will be able to do all your activities because OneRemind reminds you of each plan you have made before.

Always Be On Time

Are you an on-time person? By using the OneRemind software, you will be able to set priorities for your tasks and complete them one by one. The app will give you an opportunity to set an exact time to do each specific task. In order to follow your planning, OneRemind reminds you of all the tasks you have set before, so you will be on time automatically.

Adaptable with most of the Windows Versions

As everybody knows there are a variety of different windows versions in the computer world, It’s common knowledge that all versions have slight differences together. The most important feature about OneRemind is that it's compatible with most of the Windows versions, so you can have any kind of Windows version on your computer and use OneRemind.

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