One Remind The Best Reminder App For Windows​


You can write down your reminders in the notebook.


Reminders are displayed on the user's system at the specified time.


This section is really important, we can record the information of all contacts in this section and use them whenever we need.

Daily Note

This part helps you to write down the most detailed daily tasks.


Easily record and manage all your personal and business accounting.


You can manage your daily tasks and plan to do them.

Personal calender

As you know the personal calendar is used to record personal events like date of birth, date of the anniversary, having an appointment with a friend, etc. So you can record your personal events which are important for you in this part.


This part acts as a usual calendar and shows you the days of the year to organize your work and life based on.

To Do

As you know everyone has a list of daily tasks to do. In this section, you can record the to-do list and set them to remind.


In fact, targeting is like a mind map. we determine our targets in this part, so we can plan for each target, think about all processes and do them according to the time that we have determined for them.


With the reporting part of One Remind software, you can write the weekly, daily, common, and company reports.

Important Events

You can record important events such as having a meeting, having an appointment, visiting the clients, and so on in this part.


One Remind Time Management

One Remind is a daily task management software with more than 50 features, which allows you to include personal and work information including scheduling, personal calendar, important events, accounting, reminders, Customer Management, and… Register. It is actually software for recording daily tasks or personal planning software for the computer.

Simple and Fast

One Remind software is really easy to use and designed so that everyone can use it. It is suitable for everyone from an ordinary person to a company and makes your life faster and more accurate.

Remind You Accurately So That You Don't Miss A Thing

One Remind software reminds you of each task according to the time and date set by you.

Always Be On Time

With One Remind software be on time always and set the alarm for each task you're concerned about forgetting.

Compatible with Almost All Windows Versions

You can use One Remind software on all Windows. It's so useful and helps you to order your life.

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