Daily Note

Of course, we all have a history of writing in paper notebooks, which over time we have lost information due to the rupture of sheets. Sometimes we forget the location of the booklet and can no longer access it. But today, with the advancement of technology, we have more possibilities and we can record all our essential points and useful information in the notebook software. In the following, we will introduce the One Remind notebook program and its features.

Features of the One Remind notebook program

Create and edit notebooks

You can create different notebooks in Notepad software. Each notebook can contain unlimited different groups and subgroups. On the main page of this section, click on Create New Notebook to enter the Edit and Add section.

In this section of the digital notebook, you can create a new notebook or edit or delete existing ones. On the main page of the note sheet, the name of each notebook is displayed, and by double-clicking on each of them, you will enter the notes of that notebook. In the search section, you can search among the notes of all the notebooks.

Manage notes

By double-clicking on each notebook, its categories and notes are displayed as shown below. Clicking on any category displays its notes.

Categorize notes

Right-click on the categories to add or edit categories. Clicking on it will open a menu as shown below

By selecting Edit or Delete Category, you can edit or delete the category you selected. Clicking on Add New Note will create a blank note. By typing and entering information in that box, the posts are saved automatically.

Features of each note include:

  • Note Print: Selecting it opens a box that saves the current note in a Word file that you can print after setting the desired font.
  • Save note: Saves the current note.
  • Delete note: Deletes the current note.
  • Save in Word: Saves the current note as a Word file.
  • Add text: You can add text from Word files to the note.

Calendar Daily Note

The daily workbook is independent of the notebook section. You can write a note for each day. To do this, click on the calendar to the right of the desired day, if it shows a note you have already recorded, or you can save a note.

Unlike the notes section, this section does not have a category. You can change the calendar date from the month and year sections. The occasion and the situation of the holiday are determined every day from the official calendar of the country.

With the search section, you can find the desired notes among the recorded notes without any limit on their date and save them together in Word file format. You can also save daily notes in Word format.

Use the following link to download One Remind software. You can download the software and contact support if you need help.