What is goal setting software?

What is goal setting software

All of us human beings, from birth, have goals and aspirations, big and small, that they strive to achieve. On the other hand, the brain of all of us pays more attention to categorized and specific goals and can more easily help us achieve our dreams. You can more easily manage your goals and aspirations by using goal setting software.

You can specify your targeting more easily with the One Remind goal writing software. Note that the objectives include a different set of activities with different evaluation capabilities and progress rates. In the following, we will introduce you more and the tool for writing One Remind goals.


Features of One Remind goal setting software for PC

Note that goal setting generally means having a goal and creating a roadmap to achieve that goal. The set of activities you do to reach your goals also fall into the category of goal setting. One Remand goal setting software includes the following features.

What is goal setting software
What is goal setting software

Note that each of the activities you perform includes reporting, percentage of progress, evaluation can be shown.

After submitting each report, you can also record its progress percentage. If the percentage of progress of an activity reaches 100%, it will be evaluated.


Record the goal in the targeting software

Like the image below, you can record the goal and description of the goal and yourself. In the time section, you can also enter the time you intend to achieve a goal. Note that this time is displayed as a countdown timer on the goals management page.

In addition, in the Activities section, you can record the activities you need to do to achieve your goals. In addition, you can record the value of each goal. By clicking on the add icon, you can add the target to the existing list, and by clicking on the delete icon, you can easily remove your target from the list. Once you have completed your information, you can click on Target Registration to move it to your goal management page.

Percentage of progress to valuation

Note that in this One Remand goal setting software window you can see the list of target activities along with the percentage of progress of each activity. In addition, the overall percentage of progress of your goal and your valuation is fully visible and printable.

In front of the goal title, the time remaining until you finalize your goal is specified as a timer. You will not be able to submit a new report and change the progress percentage if your targeting time has elapsed. Generally in this case the goal setting is closed.

In addition, on the Recorded Goals Management page, you can print your current targeting or save it as a PDF by clicking Print Report, as shown below.

Record the goal in the targeting software
Record the goal in the targeting software

Record reports for each activity

In the targeting software, in order for you to be able to record a report and record the percentage of progress of each activity, you have to double-click on the title of your desired activity. Then enter the relevant section as shown below.

In the Progress Percentage box you can enter the percentage of completion and progress of that activity in full. If you want to edit reports, you can double-click on the title as an editor, and by clicking on the new report as shown below, you can submit a new report.

You can save the goal setting software report in various formats such as Word file or add the text from the text files to yourself. By clicking on the print icon you can print the report or save it in PDF format.

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