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Personal Calendar is an empty calendar that only the official holidays are displayed on the calendar and the user determines the occasion or event for the days according to his needs. This feature is for miners, project managers, and those who schedule their work. It is very useful that the days for which the appropriate date, note, or appointment has been determined are marked with an asterisk on the calendar. To determine the appropriate date for each day, double-click on the calendar on that day.

If you forget the password, you can restore it by selecting the security question and answer. To do this, after registering a new user in the software, click on the password reminder in the peripherals menu.

Yes, the software is multi-user. To do this, create a new user account in the software login. Each person enters the software with a username and password without having access to each other’s information.

Each activation code is only valid for one system and the activation code cannot be used for more than one system.

The software runs in the user’s system and the display of software information depends on the user’s username and password. Also, no person or software other than the user has access to it.

Dear users, you can follow up and solve problems in four ways: sending the email, TeamViewer, Telegram, and phone call. For more information, refer to support and contact us.

The software support team is ready to answer your questions and problems every day, except holidays, from 9 am to 5 pm, dear users.

Yes, the software version of the software network, in addition to the features of the single-user version, the possibility of managing work and projects have also been added to it.

It is possible to customize the software and add the requested items based on the agreed cost.

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