How To Manage Your Time Better?

What is time management?

Poor time management means your dreams are kept waiting so you will get stressed, your work will be less enjoyable, you will lose your sense of humor and you lose valuable time for family, sleep and exercise. What is time management? Have you ever had a problem with managing your time?

The importance of time management is not hidden from anyone. Every time we look at the clock, we wish for having more time and sometimes We are surprised by the rapid passage of time. Managing time is the most rewarding skill.

Horace Jackson Brown Jr, the American author says:

don’t say that you don’t have enough time, during a day you have the same time that Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michael Angelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein had.


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What Is Time Management?

Time management is dedicating time to appropriate tasks efficiently. Efficient time management, lets people dedicate specific time to specific activities based on their priorities. In other words, managing time is using time in the best way, because time always is flying. In the time management process, you determine which activity is the most important and how much time you should spend on it, which task should be done sooner and which one should be postponed to later. Time management not only is so effective for companies but it has a great role in our individual lives.

The steps to manage time

Time management skills are so important to progress in any field. The importance of time management for students is also very significant. There is no difference whether you are a student, manager, doctor, or house owner the following steps help you to have a great vision of your future.

1) Have planning and track your goal

Having a plan for your life and business helps you to have a vision for the future, so you will enable to manage your time better. Tracking your goals and dedicating time to them improves productivity, decreases mistakes and gives you more opportunities for future projects.

The best way to plan your life and manage your time is using a software that enables you to make your lists of tasks and reminds them to you. Oneremind is one of the best time management apps that offers these features.

2)  Have a notebook

Record your conversations, activities and thoughts in a notebook for a week. This helps you to know how many tasks you can do in a day and how you spend your time.

With the Oneremind desktop reminder, you will have a notebook to make notes, memos and any text content, in addition, you can print these notes. Onerremind notebook makes finding the notes easy for you and saves your precious time.

3) Dedicate appropriate time

Every person has a lot of things to do and these things need time. If you want to know how to manage your time, dedicate a special time to each activity and task that have an impact on your success.

Consider at least 50% of your time for the impact tasks. Having a to-do list enables you to organize your life and occupation. In the following, we describe how to make a to-do list.

3.1)  The steps to make a to-do list

For making the best task list, you had better observe the following tips.

  • Prioritize the tasks you think are more difficult than others and do them first.
  • Write down the reason why each task is important.
  • Eliminate the low-value and worthless work from your list.
  • Make a to-do list for every day and every week.
  • Break big tasks into smaller tasks.
  • Dedicate a specific time to each task.
  • Your to-do list has to be realistic.
  • Follow Pareto’s principle and do the 20% of the tasks that give you 80% of the result.
  • Do a specific task every hour.
  •  Consider a certain time for your respite.
  • Consider a time for miscellaneous and unexpected tasks.
  • Evaluate your to-do list every day.

Making a to-do list has great advantages and helps you to increase your productivity, provides motivation, improves memory, reduces stress, gives you more personal time, reduces anxiety and improves mental health, and provides a sense of accomplishment.

And the best news is that the OneRemind software has a separate section to make your to-do list. Time Management OneRemind app collected several applications just in one app and each of these applications acts as a separate application.

The Time Management OnRemind app for pc enables you to make a successful and moderated life for yourself.

4) Have a calendar

Have you ever planned for annual goals, tasks and activities? Do you want to have a useful year?

Having a calendar helps you to plan your year. Along with a to-do list, a calendar is one of the best tools that helps you to manage your time.

Our developers have considered all of the apps that you may need to plan your life and manage your time so they designed a personal calendar in addition to a usual calendar for users.

Unlike a paper calendar, this personal calendar is easy to read and write in and doesn’t need to be replaced every year.

Introduce the best time management software

OneRemind is one of the most efficient and effective time management apps which is very popular among its users.

With the OneRemind desktop software, you can plan your life part by part. As you know this app is really a complete app and it is more than one reminder app.

Hold in your hands the management of your time and life, achieve your goals and make great habits with Oneremind software.

Effective time management can increase your passion for life so stay avoid any depression with the Oneremind.

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The best ways to master time are avoiding multitasking, keeping things organized, saying no to unnecessary requests, prioritizing your tasks, tackling the most difficult task first, having a daily to do list and sticking to it, setting a time limit to complete a task and using a time management tool like OneRemind.

The items that can waste your time are procrastinating, useless chatting, whining, useless rummaging in the fridge, useless long waits, pointless worrying, being with negative people, lasting in a toxic relationship, doing other’s work, watching T.V and negative movies, and checking the emails and the social media. Each of these Items can waste your time significantly, be aware of your habits and use a reminder like OneRemind to make new habits and manage your time.

Time management and planning are different from each other but we can say the main foundation to manage time is planning. To best figure out the time management topic read the above article. Planning includes proper prioritization of tasks, writing and measures to act on them. Planning directions the tasks and causes the tasks to be done in the best way. The people who access successful and rich goals use time correctly.

To conclusion

Time management skills help you to focus on your goals and achieve your dreams faster so don’t ignore the Importance of time management. There are many time management apps but we recommend the Oneremind software as the best time management software because it has all features to organize all parts of your life.

I hope this article has been useful for you. If you have a question about the Oneremind or managing time, please share it in the comments section.

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