Time management and scheduling software were created to help individuals and organizations to define tasks and tasks at daily, weekly and monthly intervals. One of the best planning software is to Remind you that you can specify your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and goals. This software is installed on PC and Windows and you can easily manage the programs you have written. In the following, we will explain the features of this program more.

Register applications

In this part of the programming software for PC Remanid, you can record your plans in three-time intervals: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Each program consists of a set of activities that you are supposed to do in a specified amount of time. In Farsi One Remanid programming software, like the image below, you can create the activities that need to be done in that interval for each program you have registered.

Planning management

You can easily manage the programs you have created. For example, you have written a daily plan using One Remind personal planning software and have created several activities or tasks in it, such as: eating breakfast, starting to study physics books, resting, etc. When you complete one of these tasks. You are done, you can check that it is done.

In each program, you can set goals and tasks for today and future decisions and goals, and you can also print recorded plans in A5 size.

It is possible to view the list of all programs created in the software and you can easily edit any of them.