Undoubtedly, we all have some daily tasks such as passing checks, contacting the customer at a certain time, appointments, the birthday of an acquaintance, etc., which need someone to remind us of these things. If you have a computer at home or at the location of the cartoon, you can install the daily work reminder software, which is part of the One Remind schedule, and write all these things down in the reminders section so that I can alert you at a specific time. Or warn.

Features of daily reminder program

Daily reminders are one of the important features of the software that you can record them at different time intervals on the Persian calendar. Reminders are displayed on the user’s system at a specified time. If the system was off when the system was displayed, you can view them by logging in to Windows without entering the software, as shown below.

Daily reminders

For reminders, you can create different categories such as (appointments, deadlines, anniversaries, customers, etc.). You can record and view reminders in two modes on the calendar and in the list mode, which we have included in the pictures of this section and their descriptions.

Show reminders on the calendar

In this part of the Persian daily work reminder software for the computer, you can see the solar and Persian calendar of Remind. For each day you can see the number of reminders of that date.

Double-click on each day to enter the details of that day. As in the image below, you can record reminders at once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and in full detail intervals and write a report for them.

Different colors have been used to determine the type of reminders, which you can distinguish from the color scheme of the reminders.

You can see the exact time of future reminders or the elapsed time of each reminder as shown below.

Display reminders in list mode

This display mode of the Reminder reminder program has more features available to the user. As the image below in the right panel, you can select the reminder recording mode.

In this case, you can view reminders at any time. You can also view or search the report and print it if needed. Reminds when the system is turned off displays when Windows starts.

Each reminder will be displayed in notification mode at the appointed time, such as in the right corner of the monitor, which can also be postponed or recorded.

Today’s taskbar displays current reminders, which can be viewed and edited on the user’s system and the status of each reminder.

Features and capabilities of the reminders section

  • Record daily reminders in Persian calendar mode
  • Record daily reminders in list mode
  • Record reminders at repeat intervals (once, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)
  • Displays reminders that the system was off at the time of display.
  • Display reminders via alerts on the user’s system
  • Ability to record reports done for reminders
  • Print reminders report
  • View the exact remaining time or elapsed reminder time
  • Displays different modes and searchable in list mode
  • Reminder check
  • The remainder of the date of birth
  • Reminders of English words
  • Installment payment reminder