How to stop procrastinating?

How to stop procrastinating

Procrastinating is one of the problems that may you have faced and had been affected your thoughts and activities. What is procrastination? Procrastinating is a process in which you choose anything to do, except what you need and what’s necessary. Procrastination can have different reasons like internal and psychological factors, external and environmental factors, and internal and psychological factors. stay with the Oneremind in the following.

Procrastination is really a bad habit that destroys us and prevents us from achieving bigger goals in life. Procrastinating can cause negative effects such as lack of productivity, negative feelings, and health issues like getting stress. Don’t let this bad habit waste your whole life.

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The ways to overcome procrastination

There are some practical solutions that will help you overcome procrastination.

1- break big tasks into smaller tasks

One of the reasons for postponing things to another time is that we think these tasks are so big. In this situation, break your task into smaller pieces and focus on each part separately. If the problem is not resolved, continue this solution and make the tasks smaller. With this practice you will find out your task isn’t as hard as you thought and will learn how to stop procrastinating homework and tasks.

2- Change your environment

Are you a student and think about how to stop procrastinating and start studying? The best way to stop procrastinating is to change your environment. The different environments have different effects on our productivity.

Look at your desk and room, if your environment doesn’t encourage you to study and It makes you sleepy, it’s better to change your environment. Previously, an environment might encourage you and be used to motivate you, but it no longer works, so now is the time to change that.

3- Design a timetable with a defined deadline

If you only have one deadline to deliver tasks, it’s easy to fall into the wrong habit of procrastinating.

In this case, we feel that we have enough time and postpone the work to another time. As we said before, break your project into smaller chunks then design a timetable with the final deadline of each step specified in detail.

How to stop procrastinating
How to stop procrastinating

In this situation, you know that you have a specified time for each task that has to be done. You can break your project into monthly, weekly, and daily chunks depending on the size of the project.

4- Avoid short-term and long-term procrastination

If you procrastinate extremely, its cause is that you make procrastination for yourself so easier and now you need to stop procrastinating by changing your habits. Try to make a to-do list for your daily tasks.

Other solutions are disabling the notifications system of social media and moving the list of bookmark pages on your chrome to another folder that makes them hard to access. In all, get rid of all the distractions around you.

You had better choose your behaviors consciously and voluntarily to overcome procrastination. If you think acts like deleting your social accounts are necessary, do it.

5- Be with people who motivate you

The people who you spend your time with them, influence your behavior, so choose those who motivate you.

The main characteristics of these people are regularity and hard work and after a while, you will figure out their spirit and energy have been transferred to you. Finding a purposeful friend can be effective too.

6- Commit to your goals

Track your goals and talk to others about them. Having a list of your goals motivate you to more effort.

Talking about your goals, make others curious to inquire about the status of the project, and in this situation, you will have to commit to achieving your goals and avoid procrastinating.

7- Follow the people that achieved things that you want

What do you want to achieve? Who before achieved the things that you want now? If you want to achieve your goals, follow these people and be in relation to them.

Communicating with these people shows you the goals you choose, are achievable. Just take action, using this method is the best stimuli for acting and stopping procrastinating.

8- Review your goals

If you are procrastinating your tasks for a long time, may there is an imbalance between the task you do and the thing you want.

How to stop procrastinating
How to stop procrastinating

Sometimes with searching and more consciousness, we can achieve our goals easier, so know what you want. For knowing this, you had better stay avoid your work for a short time and go on a trip or weekend holiday.

Organize yourself again and review your dreams, what do you want to achieve exactly? What you should do to get it? What steps should you take?

Is your current work in the same direction as the final destination? If not, what should you do? Using a goal tracker app like the Oneremind software will help you be more exact in this way.

9- Don’t overcomplicate things

You probably think that you can’t do your work right now for various reasons. Remove such thoughts from the mind; Because the best and most perfect time will never exist. If you always be waiting for the best moment, you never finish your tasks. Perfectionism is the main reason for procrastinating tasks.
Try to write the tips you need to change your personality in a notebook and act according to them.

10- Start somewhere and just do it

Everything starts with action. You can go through all steps such as strategy, planning, and theorizing, but if you don’t take action, nothing will happen. Most people aren’t satisfied with their lives and also refuse to act. No one has postponed things on the way to success. If you want to do something, just start somewhere and do it.


Introducing windows reminder Oneremind

Using useful time management software like Oneremind that reminds you for doing tasks can be helpful. This desktop reminder offers different parts that enable you to manage your time and stop procrastinating. These parts are including Planning, Reminders, To do, Personal Calendar, Calendar, Targeting (goal tracking), Notebook, Daily Notes, Reporting, important events, and Contacts.


By planning part of Oneremind divide your tasks into smaller parts and plan every task with details. The reminder part helps you to set a deadline for each task and set a time to remind doing them in yearly, monthly, and daily periods.


The to do list enables you to avoid short-term and long-term procrastination. By the Goal tracking part of Oneremind, you are able to record your goals and plan the most detailed. Write the required changes to change your personality and life in a notebook or daily note of the OneRemind and review them every night.

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To conclusion 


In this article, we described some ways that help you to overcome procrastinating in any field. There are many tips that you can count on to avoid procrastinating, but using the Oneremind windows software is the smartest of them all.

OneRemind has many features that can help you to deal with the issue of procrastinating and do every task in a specified time. Invest in Oneremind today, and rest assured that you will get your dreams.

Which of these recommendations has worked best for you? Do you have your own way to avoid this habit? Share them with us.

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